Here are some answers to the most common questions we are asked.

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Infiniforms helps you build professional looking forms, in minutes. All by yourself. No need for coding expertise. No need for a web developer.

You can share your form by email, over social media or you can embed it into your own website or blog.

Because we’ve made building online forms mould-breakingly easy. And we couldn’t keep it to ourselves a moment longer…

Also, having the ability to build your own online forms—without learning to code—will save you unbelievable amounts of time, hassle and money.

Natty trick alert: And, once you’ve created your form, you can edit it directly on our website. Click save and your form is miraculously updated on your own website. Harry Potter would be proud.

The only limit is your imagination! Membership forms, order forms, contact forms, surveys, questionnaires, feedback forms, payment forms. You name it… you can create it. And if you can’t? We’ll eat our hats.

Simple. We’ll drop you an email moments later. Just click on the link inside to view the form.

We also have third-party integrations! If you use Dropbox, we'll add your new form entry into a folder. If you use Slack, we can send you a notification.

Start with a free plan and can change it whenever you need to.

Why not start with our free plan and see how you go? If up to 100 people respond, you’re good to go. Looking like there might be more form responses? You may want to upgrade to silver or gold. Either away, you can upgrade at any time.

Of course! Upgrade or downgrade, any time to suit you.

Absolutely. Our free plan allows you to receive up to 100 responses to your forms… Every. Single. Month.

Think you might get more responses? Lucky you! Take a peek at our silver plan.

Of course!

Whenever a form is submitted, you can be notified, have a PDF added to your Dropbox account or add someone to a mailing list.

You can connect your forms to MailChimp, Dropbox and Slack, although we are adding more integrations too.

There’s nothing to install. Forms are user-friendly. My data is secure. What can I say? Infiniforms is brilliant.

S. Groves

From organising events to getting paid faster: running my business is much simpler now I can create online forms myself.

A. Akins

With Infiniforms I can ask my readers what I want, when I want. I now have new ways to engage with them and grow my blog. I’ve gone data crazy!.