Here is a history of what we have changed and when we changed it

Version 1.3

June 2016

Along with a lots of minor improvements, we have added the following functionality.

  • Accounts can have mulitple users.
  • User can select multiple email addresses to be notified when a form is submitted.
  • Sections have been added to forms, allowing questions to be added into logical groupings.
  • New question type: Number Group. The Number Group question allows you to enter numbers next to a list of entries in your form, making it perfect for ordering items.
  • Sub Questions on your form allow you to ask additional questions, depending on the answers given. read more
  • We've added more third party integrations:
    • MailChimp. When a form entry is submitted, you can add a new user to a mailing list.
    • HubSpot. Add a new contact to your contacts.
    • And yes, there are more integrations coming soon...
  • Change the text on the form submit button, including the text displayed when the user clicks the button to submit the form!

Version 1.2

March 2016

Along with a few bugs fixes, we added a range of new features.

  • We redesigned the form designer, making it quicker and more responsive.
  • Forms can now be viewed in Horizontal or Vertical layout, allowing you to choose if your question is above or alongside the answer.
  • New question type: Text Block. The Text Block allows you to add a block of text to your form.
  • You can customize the form view window, so your forms are branded with your own logo and colour scheme.
  • The form entries can be viewed in the form page.
  • The form entries can be downloaded in an Excel spreadsheet.
  • The form entry can be viewed in a PDF.
  • You can delete form entries from the form entry page.
  • We've added third party integrations!
    • Integrate your forms with Slack. When a form entry is submitted, we can notify you by adding a notification to a Slack channel
    • Integrate your forms with Dropbox. A PDF can be added to your Dropbox account when a form entry is submitted.
    • More integrations coming soon...
  • The form submission notification email can now be switch off.
  • When designing a form, the Question box scrolls up and down as you move the page.
  • We will notify you when your current session is about to run out, allowing you to remain logged in.

Version 1.1

August 2015

  • Payments are now processed through Stripe.

Version 1.0

July 2015

  • Our software at the launch of Infiniforms.